Branded Content

Perfect For 2

DirectorRuthie Marantz
Client: Target
Year: 2017

Kids Call 

Client: Olympic Broadcast Channel
Producer: Ruthie Marantz
Production Company: Vice Media
Year: 2016

Beyond the Frame 

Client: Samsung
Director: Tati Barrantes
Producer NY Unit: Ruthie Marantz
Production Company: Viceland
Year: 2016


LG Diva Phone Launch 

Version 2: View

Client: LG
Director: Christina Wadsworth
Lead Producer: Ruthie Marantz
Production Company: Cycle Media
Year: 2016

The List 

Associate Producer: Ruthie Marantz
Client: Bud Light
Production Company: Vice Media
Year: 2015


Day in the Life of Cleo the Bunny

Client: Elle Magazine
Director/Producer: Ruthie Marantz
Production Company: Hearst Digital Media


Customer Testimonials

Client: ShopKeep POS System
Director: Ruthie Marantz
Year: 2014


Co-Producer: Ruthie Marantz
Client: Armani Eyewear
Year: 2014

Winner of 2015 AICP Student Award
Toronto Film Festival

MoMa Permanent Collection


Juno Lucina Diamond

Director: Ruthie Marantz
Client: Juno Lucina

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